1st Lt. Timothy Blaisdell

Timothy H. Blaisdell was born in Haverhill, New Hampshire, son of Harriet Merrill and Timothy H. Blaisdell, both from prominent New England families.  His father served as Aid-de-camp to General Jonathan Pool of the 2nd Division of the State Militia, and he was later a Trustee of the Noyes Academy in Cannan.

     By early manhood, Timothy had left New England to join his two older sisters in Chicago.  Both were married to young merchants there.  Tim took a position with H.W. Hinsdale & Co. as a clerk.  He and his brothers-in-law became part of the early “pioneers” who were to build the giant mercantile kingdom of modern Chicago. 

     Tim Blaisdell had brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion.  He stood five feet six.  When the young people gathered on the neighborhood pond to skate in winter, he was one of the best.  He had a good seat on a horse.  He knew clothing and dressed well.  There were many young girls who appreciated his talents. 

     In spite of his promising future, Tim, with some of his old friends, when he was 25 years old volunteered three years of his life for service in the Union Army.  He began as a private in the Illinois light artillery, rising to Lieutenant before his death in Georgia.

Timothy M. Blaisdell  was a private in July 1861. Quickly promoted through the ranks,  he was a 1st Lt. by Feb.1863.  He held that rank until he died of natural causes, on July 5th 1864,  just days before he would have been mustered out.  We have a selection of some of Lt. Blaisdell's letters available on the Table of Contents page.