On February 14, 1880 the Taylorís Battery Association held a dinner commemorating the 18th anniversary of their participation in the Battle of Fort Donelson.  The following poem comes from the inside cover of the book that was published for the purpose of commemorating this dinner.  The poem was written by Mrs. Mary J. Peckham who is a relative of one of the original members of the battery.   

A Tribute to the Boys of Battery B

By: Mrs. Mary J. Peckham

Batavia, Illinois


Chicago, Queen City of the West,

We hail thee with Delight

And thanks to thee most cordially,

For welcome here tonight;

Where comrades once again can meet

Each well known face to see

And clasp once more the friendly hand

Of the boys of Battery B 

Long years have passed since last we met

Bearing the colors true

With canteen black and old knapsack

And our uniforms of blue

Which told the noble story

That Artillery boys we are,

And belong to Captain Taylorís

Chicago Battery B  

Our Brave and gallant Captain

The man of Will and Might

Who ever found a place for us

In the thickest of the fight

And ever flinched from duty

Whatever it might be

And victory crowned the efforts

Of the boys of Battery B  

Three years we fought together

In the great and bloody strife,

And save our Countryís Honor

We each laid down our life.

To defend our starry emblem,

The banner of the free

None quicker rallied to her aid

Than the Boys of Battery B.

Led on by Captain Taylor,

Who did the rebels face.

Was promoted to Major,

Then Barrett took his place.

And so they climbed the ladder

Of fameís most high decree,

And Rumsey last was Captain

Of Chicago Battery B  

Our Colonel has crossed the river

In his frail and phantom Barge.

Our ranks are growing thinner boys,

From the great and last discharge.

And while we live upon this land

We struggled to make free,

Letís meet as long as there remains

A boy of Battery B