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The Artillery Driver: A Federal Perspective by Steve Curtis

Jack Vernon's Coat:  A study of the style and cut of the Jacket  worn by a Member of Taylor's Battery by Steve Curtis  
Artillery Bugle Signals Manual for Non-Buglers by R.J. Samp and Company   you will need Acrobat reader to access this 
Mounted But Not Mounted: The Confusing Terminology of Artillery by James Morgan 4th U.S. Battery C
Artilleryman's Positions and Duties by R. B. Hansen
The Legend of St. Barbara from the Battery B 4th U.S. Artillery Page
The Artillery Driver Part One, The History by Dave Fox of Ferguson's Battery, Army of Tennessee   
The Artillery Driver Part Two, The Persona by Dave Fox of Ferguson's Battery, Army of Tennessee   
A Uniform Study of a St. Louis Depot Mounted Services Artillery Jacket by Christopher J. Daley
The Legend of Fiddler's Green from  The United States Field Artillery Association Web page
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients from Chicago Mercantile Battery including Captain P. H. White (Formerly of Taylor's Battery)
Captain White's Saber by Robert Mulligan appearing in the March/April 2000 Military Images magazine