Fellow Artillerymen

This virtual collection of Artillerymen and Artillery Officers was  gathered from a number of locations.  This Gallery was started with the thought that we should remember the average soldier and honor him for the job that he did serving his Country.

Identified Artillery Privates and NCOs

O. A. Hansen

 Daniel Haller 8th New York Heavy Artillery  

Henry Rice 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

Corporal S. A. Burnham 16th Massachusetts Battery

Daniel King Blacksmith 1st Ohio Light Artillery

Ebenezer Selleck 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery

George Read 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery Battery B

1st Sergt. Nicholas Miller 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Sergt Louis Wint 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

J. N. Bryant Battery M Pennsylvania .Heavy Artillery

William Davis 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Watkin Powell 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

End Of Gallery



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