Fellow Artillerymen

This virtual collection of Artillerymen and Artillery Officers was  gathered from a number of locations.  This Gallery was started with the thought that we should remember the average soldier and honor him for the job that he did serving his Country.


Identified Artillery Privates and NCOs

Myron Fuller 17th Independent New York Light Artillery.jpg (4447 bytes) Patrick McCann Battery H 1st Penn Light Artillery.jpg (61905 bytes) Paul le Fox.jpg (59553 bytes) Private Clifford Hines.jpg (5345 bytes)

Private Seth Belknap 10th New York Heavy Artillery.jpg (27696 bytes)

Private Myron Fuller 17th New York Independent Light Artillery

 Private Patrick McCann Battery H 1st Penn. Light Artillery

Private Paul le Fox

Private Clifford Hines

Private Seth Belknap 10th New York Heavy Artillery

Julius Halbert 2nd New York.jpg (352281 bytes)

Charles Smith Battery I 1st Ct Heavy Artillery.jpg (9084 bytes)

Fred Smith.jpg (6702 bytes)

Private Julius Halbert 2nd New York Artillery

Private Charles Smith Battery I 1st Ct. Heavy Artillery

Private Richard Prior 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery

Private Fred Smith

Corporal Edwin Osgood The Mercantile Battery

Sgt Peipher 7th New York Artillery.jpg (23565 bytes)

Corporal S Cook Battery D 4th Mass Heavy Artillery.jpg (31285 bytes)

Artilleryman Edward Conner 1st Maine Light Artillery.jpg (20881 bytes)

Artilleryman Jesse Robson 5th Ohio Artillery.jpg (17753 bytes)

Private L. W. Cook

Sgt. Peipher 7th New York Artillery

Corporal S. Cook Battery D 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery

Private Edward Conner 1st Main Light Artillery

Private Jesse Robson 5th Ohio Artillery



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