Fellow Artillerymen

This virtual collection of Artillerymen and Artillery Officers was  gathered from a number of locations.  This Gallery was started with the thought that we should remember the average soldier and honor him for the job that he did serving his Country.

Identified Artillery Privates and NCOs

Charles M Morgan 10th New York Heavy Artillery.jpg (12363 bytes)

Henry J Preble 3rd Iowa Light Artillery.jpg (12979 bytes)

Artilleryman Cyler T. Wilcox.jpg (10902 bytes)

Charles Morgan 11th New York Heavy Artillery

Private Lucius Pettyes 9th New York Heavy Artillery

Henry J Preble 3rd Iowa Light Artillery

Private Cyler T. Wilcox

Corporal Prosper E Fales 2nd Vermont Light Artillery.jpg (57243 bytes)

Private Emery Towsley Battery K 10th New York Heavy Artillery

Quartermaster Sgt. William Harris

Elijah Smith Battery G 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Corporal Prosper E Fales 2nd Vermont Light Artillery

Artillery Private D W Raymond.jpg (39691 bytes)

Artilleryman Edmund Foley.jpg (15308 bytes)

Private D.W. Raymond

Private Dewitt C. Halleck 28th New York Independent Battery

Private Edmund Foley

Corporal Eugene Mathewson 1st New York Light Artillery Battery A



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