Fellow Artillerymen

This virtual collection of Artillerymen and Artillery Officers was  gathered from a number of locations.  This Gallery was started with the thought that we should remember the average soldier and honor him for the job that he did serving his Country.

Identified Artillery Privates and NCOs

Artillery Private Olin M Goold 17th New York Battery.jpg (9619 bytes)

Private John Rapp 2nd Pennslyvannia Heavy Artillery.jpg (37284 bytes)

Artilleryman Cyler T. Wilcox.jpg (10902 bytes)

Corporal William A. Johnston 1st New York Light Artillery Battery A

Artillery Private Olin Goold 17th New York Light Artillery

Private John Rapp 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Private Cyler T. Wilcox

Corporal Elijah Hayes Colvin's Light Artillery.jpg (10101 bytes)

Sgt. Henry H. Eatherton, Colvin's Light Artillery.jpg (10512 bytes)

Sgt John Blanchard 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.jpg (16173 bytes)

Benjamin Stout Battery G 2nd Illinois Light Artillery.jpg (14110 bytes)

Corporal Elijah Hayes Colvin's Light Artillery

Sgt. Henry Eatherton Clovin's Light Artillery

Sgt. John Blanchard 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

Artillery Private Benjamin Stout  2nd Illinois Light Artillery Battery G

S3rd New York Light Artillery's Ogilvie D. Ball.jpg (40355 bytes)

Hiram Ruble.jpg (30672 bytes)

Artilleryman Henry H. Catlin 2nd Ct Heavy Artillery.jpg (72810 bytes)

William F. Lewis, 6th Ohio Battery.jpg (33846 bytes)

Sgt. Ogilvie D. Ball 3rd New York Light Artillery

Hiram Ruble

Artillery Private Henry H. Catlin 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery

William F. Lewis 6th Ohio Battery



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