Fellow Artillerymen

This virtual collection of Artillerymen and Artillery Officers was  gathered from a number of locations.  This Gallery was started with the thought that we should remember the average soldier and honor him for the job that he did serving his Country.


Identified Officers

Lt. Robert Bickley 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

William Patterson and Abram Gordon  5th U.S. Artillery

Major Frank Williams 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Lt. Peter Burns 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery

Captain Charles Bulkerley 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery

Captain John Connant 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Osmond B Taylor Virginia Battery CSA

William Gillmore Virginia Horse Artillery CSA

1st Lt F. D. Russell 4th U.S. Light Artillery

1st Lt Nelson Parshall 4th New York Heavy Artillery

D. K. Smith-Jones 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Lt. Albert Mattice 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery

Assistant Surgeon Edward McDonnell Battery A 1st New York Light Artillery

Lt. Fredrick Edgell 1st New Hampshire Light Artillery

Captain M. F. Watson 5th U.S. Artillery

Lt. Willard J. Allen 10th New York Heavy Artillery



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