The Ladies of the Battery's

Photo Gallery


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Michelle Millette (left) and Brandi Talaga posing by our Battery Marker at the Shiloh Battlefield.

Some of our ladies members posing outside of the Harold Washington Library in Chicago

Brandi Talaga gives us one of her best smiles

Some of our ladies (and gentlemen) posing after one of our parades


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Karen and Riley Ewen (left) with Chantel Shea

Brandi Talaga, Sharon Davids and Britta Arendt at Minooka in the Fall of 2001

Steve and Brandi Talaga get a bang out of getting married

Brandi Talaga and Michelle Millette together at a Ball.


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Chantal Shea striking a pose

Carol Huntowski

Lt. Ron Schinleber and Susan Labaschin

Captain Millette with the two ladies in his life.  His wife and daughter