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           In 1989, some men and women from the Chicago area organized the Taylor's Battery of today.  We are a nonprofit educational organization, devoted to preserving the memory of the men  from the Chicago land area who served in the original Taylor's Battery and the ladies who supported them at home. Reenacting is a hobby that involves people of all ages.  There are many local weekend events, living histories, and school presentations that our Civilian members also participate in. On this page you will find some informative articles pertaining to Civilian impressions written by both members of our organization and used by permission from other sources. 
    Informational Articles: 
    The Truly Unknown Soldiers By: Mrs. Brandi Talaga coming soon
    Female Nurses of the Civil War By: Miss Britta Arendt
    19th Century Dress Reform in Pictures By: Miss Britta Arendt
    Articles used with Permission: 
    Mind Your Manners! A Checklist of 19th Century Etiquette By: Glenna Jo Christen
    Weeping Sad and Lonely, Mourning in America By: Glenna Jo Christen
    The Graceful Lady   A predominantly ladies group based in the Northern Midwest
    Elizabeth Stewart Clark and Company
    The Curiosity Shop Hosted by Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Originals by Kay  Reproduction clothing by Mrs. Kay Gnagey
    The Gentleman's Page Hosted by the LAHA
    The Ladies Photo Gallery