Obituary and accompanying description of Ezra Taylor's Funeral

Colonel Ezra Taylor

            A meeting of the surviving members of the Army of the Tennessee was held yesterday afternoon at the Sherman House to take action on the death of the late Colonel Ezra Taylor with Gen. Chetlain presiding.  Col. Scribenr and Maj. Rumsey bore testimony to the excellent character of the deceased as a patriotic soldier and citizen.  Maj. Rumsey, who was a member of Col. Taylor's battery said, that his commander's orders were always responded to not only with a quick sense of duty by “the boys” but respected and obeyed through a feeling of veneration and love for the man who uttered them.

It was decided to leave the selection of pall bearers to Maj. Rumsey, who will make it from members of the dead Colonel’s battery, and a general invitation was extended to all the Chicago members of the Army of the Tennessee to attend the funeral and march as an escort from the residence of the deceased No. 96 Hill Street, to the Cathedral of the Holy Name, where a solemn mass of requiem for the repose of his soul will be offered at 10.30 o’clock this morning.  A delegation was present at the meeting representing the old Volunteer Fireman’s Assoc. of which the deceased was a respected member, and it was announces that the association would be represented at the funeral.  The following telegram from General Sherman to Mrs. Eva Taylor was read.

                                                                        “St. Louis Oct 24.

 Mrs. Eva Taylor:

My sincere sympathy.   A good man has departed.  I am sorry that I can not come to Chicago for the funeral.

                                                                        W.T. Sherman”

The following were appointed a committee to draft suitable resolutions of respect for presentation to the family of the deceased: Gen. Stockton, Col. R. S. Tuthill, Gen. R. W. Smith, Maj. Rumsey, and Col. Wiley Scribner. 



                                                                                Colonel Ezra Taylor

The funeral of the late Col. Ezra Taylor took place from the family residence, No. 96 Hill Street yesterday morning.  Many sympathizing friends, among who were members of the dead Colonel’s battery during the war escorted the flower-laden casket bearing the remains of the deceased to the Cathedral of the Holy Name, where the funeral services were held.  Father Darcy was the celebrant of the solemn mass of requiem and the Very Reverend Vicar-General Conway, an intimate friend of the dead soldier delivered the funeral sermon.  He chose for his text the words of David to Solomon, “I am going the way of all flesh; take thou courage and prove thyself a man.”  “Our dead friend” he said, “was well known to all of us as one honest, pure and upright.  He knew no prejudice of race or creed because of his truly Christian faith and charity.  We know his history as a true patriot; within two days of the first gun being fired from Ft. Sumter he marched at the head of a company of brave men to the struggle to defend all that was dear to him.  He was frequently wounded and suffered many hardships for what he believed to be right, but now lies calmly awaiting a trumpet call, not to war but of eternal peace.”

The floral tributes were many and beautiful, the most prominent being a broken gun-wheel with the inscription “Forty Rounds- Shiloh”, and the other was a knapsack and belt.  The pall-bearers were: Fire-Marshall Swenie and F. E. Courtney, representing the old volunteer Fire Company and Captain I. P. Rumsey, Captain P. H. White, C. E. Affeld, William H. Prince, C. J. Sauter and C. W. Prince all members of Col. Taylor’s battery.  Among the other survivors of the battery present were; Peter Schnur, William L. Hewitt, B. F. McCarthy, Robert Finney, Charles Otis, William Taylor, W. S. Stebbins, Vinzenz Smith, B. F. Lily, Peter McGee, Nathan Young, Peter Morrison, William Briggs, Charles I. Dana, Charles Jackson,  Patrick White, John Vernon, Albert Dickenson, A. Ramsdell, James F. Whittle, Edward Rook and Arthur Burnham.

There was also present the Honorable John Wentworth, Colonel R. S. Tuthill, Phil Conley, General Chetlain, Col. W. S. Scribner, James Lane, Charles E. Peck, Col. James R. Hugunin, Owen McCarthy, Patrick Smith, Mrs. Col. James A. Mulligan, Mrs. Michael Nugent, Philip A. Hoyne, Capt. Peter Casey, Lorenz Walter, Thomas Brenan, John J. Healy, Thomas E. Miller, Robert Fergus, Charles H. Dyer, Maj. Samuel E. Barrett and Charles Harpel.  The remains were taken to Cavalry for internment.