Parts of A Cannon


A) Knob

G) Muzzle

B) Neck 

H) Rimbase

C) Vent 

 I)  Cascable

D) Trunnions    

J)   Breech

           E) Muzzle Swell            

K) Chamber

F) Muzzle Face

 L)    Bore

                    (Schematic courtesy of Dean S. Thomas, Cannons: An Introduction to Civil War Artillery)

Gun Carriages:

  The typical field cannon at this time was mounted on a wooden carriage.  There was very little variation among field carriages and if there were it depended on the weight of the tube.  White oak was thought to be best for this purpose.  Below is a drawing of a typical carriage and tube.

M1841 6-pounder field gun on a Type I carriage