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Taylor's at Wauconda in 2000

 Steve and Rob Talaga

Our Field Officers for 2001

Rick Arquette firing our Parrot Rifle at the Wade House Annual Reenactment

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Squad 1 positioning the Parrot Rifle during a lull at the Wade House Annual Reenactment

Steve Talaga posing in front of a Battery Wagon on the set of Gods And General this past winter

Sergt LoPresti and  Privates Millette, Clohan, Arquette and Schinleber on the set of Gods and Generals

    Joe Zicarrelli and Jeff Daniels on the set of Gods and General this last winter

Brandi and Steve with flag.jpg (40207 bytes)

Cooking Royce Style on the Gods and Generals set

Is that a cannon under your arm or are you just happy to see me?

The Parker Boys getting ready to cook

The two loves of Sgt. Talaga's life.  His wife and his flag.

A The 1st Detachment at Shiloh 140th.jpg (66519 bytes)

Squad 1 loading our Ordnance Rifle during the battle on Sunday at the 140th Shiloh

A detachment of Taylor's Battery after laying a wreath for our honored dead at the Shiloh Battlefield.

A closer shot of the same detachment laying a wreath for our honored dead this just past Veteran's day.

Pvt Smith working the box Jackson, Mi.

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