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Taylor's Battery Then..... 

        Taylor's Battery was organized by Ezra Taylor in April of 1861 as Company B, Chicago Light Artillery.  The unit was accepted into Federal service in July as Company B of the First Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Light Artillery.  Approximately 207 volunteers from the Chicago region fought under Generals William T. Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant.  They soon became recognized as one of the finest light artillery units in the Federal Army.  The batteries six guns were heard at most of the battles in the west.   Included in the Battery's battle honors are Fort  Donelson, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and Atlanta  The battery was discharged in July of 1864 and it's cannon transferred to other Illinois units.  Nearly half of its members reenlisted for the duration of the fighting, ending the war  serving with members of the First Illinois Light Artillery, Battery A. In this area you will be able to read about  the battery then and view photographs of original members. Also, in this section you will be able to view the different types of cannons that were used by the Battery while in service.  There are also links for an explanation of the parts of a cannon and some drawings of  typical limbers and wagons used by a Civil War Battery. 

Taylor's Battery Now.....

      In 1989, some men and women from the Chicago area organized the Taylor's Battery of today.  We are a nonprofit educational organization, devoted to preserving the memory of the men  from the Chicago land area who served in the original Taylor's Battery during the Civil War. Reenacting is a hobby that involves people of all ages.  There are many local weekend events, living histories, and school presentations.  We have had members appear in such movies as Gettysburg and Andersonville.  Also, for those who want to experience history some battle reenactments take place near actual Civil War Battlefields.  Find out what it was like to be there with the boys of '61. In the Battery Today section you will be able to view our upcoming schedule, and articles written by members about events and presentations by the group. You can also see pictures of our membership in the photo gallery.

The Ladies of the Battery.....

        We are very fortunate to have a strong ladies contingent in our group.  They are deeply involved in both the running of our organization as a club and  camp life when we are in the field.  Their impressions run along different lines; from doing a camp laundress impression, to nursing, to an Officer's wife visiting while we are in garrison, or running our "company" sutlery.  They are there right along with us.  The ladies also participate in all our parades.  They always prove to be a popular attraction and receive many kind compliments on their manner and dress.  Please follow the Ladies of the Battery link for more information.

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