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Captain Millette and Corporal Curtis have their image struck before leaving for a night on the town

Awwww look at the baby

Phil Gonski demonstrates the correct way to insert the pick into the vent hole.

Ken Monroe getting ready to drill

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Pete is happy in his work

Thinking, thinking, thinking

A small discussion on the correct way to cover the vent during drill

Sgt. Talaga on the gun line at Gettysburg 2003

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Captain Millette on the gun line at Gettysburg 2003

She Bang sweet She bang

Firing at the end of the 1812 Overture being performed by the  DuPage County Symphony during their fall performance

The Gunners view of the 2nd detachment at Jackson

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Various members  listen to the roll call of honored dead at a rededication of grave marker

Sgt Talaga taking aim

Nice day for a ride*

Boy, we're having some fun now...

* This picture was taken at Greenbush in the fall of 2003.  It originally appeared on the Battery G page.

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